Pyrex Clear Glass Baking Dish Review – The Healthy Way to Bake

Product: Pyrex Glass Baking Dishes set of 2

Dimensions: 2quart and 3quart baking dishes

Pyrex Glass – 8 inch square dish (2 quart)
Pyrex Glass – Oblong Baking Dish:13.2 Inch x 8.9inch x 2 inch (3 quart)

Where Manufactured: Made in USA

My ratings: 9.9 out of 10

Pyrex Clear Glass Baking Dish, Product Overview

I’ve been baking in the same Pyrex dishes for almost a decade and all I can say is wonderful things about these amazing  clear glass dishes that are durable and thick! You would think that they’ll be somewhat heavy to carry but no that’s not the case. They are neither light nor heavy! No wonder the Pyrex brand is so popular and is a favorite of many home-cooks!

I am going to be walking you through my personal favorite aspects of these Pyrex dishes within this review.

Sure its a Glass Bakeware But it is Functional and lasts long

I make use of these lovely dishes at least once a week and my mind is always at ease, because I know I can count on these glass dishes for healthy baking. I strongly believe in investing in high quality dishes that last long or even forever because I know I won’t be replacing them anytime soon. Cost savings there right?

My Pyrex dish set includes one oblong baking dish (3quart) with a lid and one square baking dish (2quart) with a lid.


These sparkling clear glass dishes are thick. The edges are a curvy too which makes them safe! They both come with red lids. The lids that come with my Pyrex dishes are still very much intact! The lid helps keep my foods fresh. However, just remember not to put the lid in the oven because, the lid is not oven-safe!

Made in USA

These Pyrex dishes are made in the U.S.A which is a plus! That gives me peace of mind. The only thing is that the lid is made of plastic/rubber but it is still dishwasher safe. Nonetheless, I have to say that these Pyrex glass dishes are durable.

The lid fits tightly so you can easily cover the dish and keep leftovers in the fridge!

No risk of food contamination

Pyrex dishes have been around forever. I use these Pyrex dishes for several purposes in my kitchen. In my opinion, glass baking dishes are more sanitary. They are easy to clean and there’s no fear of rust contaminating your food! You will enjoy using these dishes in your kitchen too.

Versatile, Microwave, Freezer, Oven Safe (except the lid)

The Pyrex dish is versatile and works exactly the way a great quality baking dish should. In fact it holds up really well in the oven! Say goodbye to flaking metal, non stick pans! These awesome Pyrex dishes are Microwave safe, freezer safe and even oven safe…minus the lids though.

The handles are a huge bonus! I even transport food in my Pyrex dishes to potlucks without having to worry about leaks because of the tight fitting lid. I use them for storing leftovers too and they also stack up easily in my cabinet. They are great for baking! Depending on your family size, you can double your recipe and store leftovers in these dishes.

Easy to clean

I have used these sturdy glass dishes to cook so many yummy foods including lasagna. You know one thing I really love about these dishes?The edges of your food won’t dry out. Once you’re done serving meals, you can easily store leftovers and pop the lid on!

Compact and Well Designed

The dishes are well designed. The Pyrex dishes hold food well without dripping. The corners are curvy. The dishes don’t take up too much space and can be stored easily. You can stack them on top of each other neatly. They are sturdy and well made and they come with handles on both ends.

Better Alternative to Aluminum foil

The glass dishes are durable, convenient, better than using aluminum foil for baking.

Easy and handy

The Glass dishes are beautiful, functional, easy to clean and are durable. They are excellent for baking and refrigerating leftovers. The 2 quart is small enough for cooking smaller portions while the 3 quart is a good size for medium to larger portions. It cleans well and is the perfect size dish for a big family.

If you’re thinking of taking a dish to a gathering, the pyrex dish is your answer. Fits well and its better for travel or storage than foil. It will also come in handy for parties since you can easily transport your food in these awesome dishes.

Cornbread recipe

Here is a simple Cornbread recipe I regularly make with my Pyrex glass dish. For this recipe I used my Pyrex 8in square glass baking dish.

It’s Not just Cornbread though, its Great for so Many Dishes!

Brownies, Casseroles, Rice, Bread! You can cook so many of your favorite meals in these awesome Pyrex glass baking dishes. They are awesome for one pan recipes!

These Pyrex dishes are the perfect size for so many wonderful dishes. In fact I try to use both glass dishes at the same time so that I can freeze up some food for busy days!

These Pyrex baking dishes are versatile. Just remember to wear gloves when carrying them out of the oven!

There are so many delicious recipes online and even on you-tube that you can follow.

Cleaning Up is Easy as ABC

There are 2 different methods:

1: Put a few drops of dish soap add some warm tap and wash with a sponge

2: If the dish is too messy, you may need to soak it, add some baking soda, a few drops of soap and hot water and then soak it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then take a sponge and scrub it. While scrubbing, you can add more baking soda to stubborn surfaces and then scrub. This will help remove stains.

As you can see from the steps above, its super easy to wash these dishes. Even after several uses, my Pyrex glass dishes still look like new!

Yes! Pyrex Clear Glass Bakeware rocks!

I am a believer in this product and I know so many others that absolutely LOVE their Pyrex glass dishes too. A drawback is the plastic/rubber lid which isn’t oven safe. Although you can tell that the lids were made to last long, a better lid material such as glass that can withstand heat or even oven temperature would be great. Just like the Corningware dishes that come with glass lids.

Note that Pyrex, Corningware and even the Corelle dishes I reviewed not too long ago are all manufactured by the same manufacturer and yes I also have the Corningware bakeware which I will review in another post!

Where to buy? You can check local stores around you. Walmart will be a great store to check!


The Pyrex dish is a classic that should belong to every home. I love these clear glass bakeware. You can’t go wrong with this brand. Make sure you follow the instructions. You can do so much with these dishes and I believe it should be in everybody’s kitchen cabinet. Pyrex dishes are a classic to add to your bakeware collection!

I hope you enjoyed this Pyrex clear glass baking dish review and if you have questions about these Pyrex dishes or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

Pyrex Clear Glass Baking Dish Review




Good for the Environment


Value for Money



  • Easy to Maintain
  • Healthy way of baking
  • Versatile


  • Lid is rubber-like

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