8 Tips On How To Improve Your Fuel Economy

Improving your fuel economy means you simply have to change your driving habit by handling our cars with more care and treating the environment right. Here are 8 tips to follow: 1. Correctly inflated tires One thing some of us seem to forget is checking tire pressures regularly. It is okay to buy a new car … Read more

Sustainable Waste Solutions…Take These Green Steps and Save Money quick…ly!

In order to manage the waste we generate, we need to understand how the waste hierarchy works. The ‘waste hierarchy’ or waste minimization hierarchy as some people call it, will eventually lead us to achieving zero waste. What is the waste hierarchy? In simple terms it means steps we need to take to reduce waste………………. … Read more

20 Famous Environmental Quotes

It sure is good to ‘think green and act green’ after all earth is the only home we’ve got. I’d love to share some environmental quotes with you today. These quotes have inspired me in so many ways and I hope you take something away from these inspirational quotes and share them with your friends … Read more

7 Green Celebrities and What They Are Doing To Protect Our Earth

Earth week is here. It’s time to take good care of mother earth and it will be more meaningful if we make every day earth day. Simple steps go a long way. As we make out time to do something for our planet it’s also great to know that some celebrities are working hard to make our … Read more

5 Ways You Can Give Back This Easter And Even After

Easter is known to be the most important festival of the church as it denotes the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Friends and family usually get together at this time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Most importantly, people  give back or give up certain things and render help to those who need it.  Here are 5 … Read more

Warning: You are contributing to these 3 municipal solid waste problems but… we have the solution!

The rising waste problem could have serious impacts on us and our environment if care is not taken. Cancer, low birth rate, water and soil pollution are some examples of what could occur if waste is poorly managed. Reducing waste until we get to a point where little or no waste is generated would be ideal…for us, … Read more


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