7 Green Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is only a few days away. Oh wait! May 14th to be precise. What are you doing for the special ‘mom’ or wife in your life? Getting a loved one a gift can be overwhelming and expensive but it really doesn’t have to be. Here are great eco friendly mother’s day gift ideas: … Read more

Clean Your Front Load Washer And Dryer In 4 Easy Steps…Naturally And Cheap Too!

It’s time to do some real cleaning….what’s on your mind? You’re probably thinking about buying cleaning products – one for the toilet, another for the kitchen and one for the bathroom. Most of these cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can make us sick. Also we tend to believe that those store bought cleaning products … Read more

 8 Quick Tips For Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and the weather is just right for cleaning! Yes, this is something we often overlook because we simply have no time. Sometimes, we only clean visible spots and ignore areas that are hidden. When we clean, we exercise and feel happier knowing everything around us is clean. Right? Here are 8 tips for spring cleaning:   … Read more

What exactly do the words ‘close the loop’ mean?

If you look right under a plastic bottle you would see the ‘three chasing arrows’. These three chasing arrows are usually interpreted as the 3Rs – Reduce Reuse Recycle. But that’s not what they stand for. Did you know that those chasing arrows stand for ‘closed loop‘ . The terms ‘close the loop’ are words … Read more


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