Shit Hole or Not???

Happy New year to you all and may 2018 bring us good tidings!

Well, the trending topic lately has been about this ‘shit hole’ talk.

Whether these words were uttered by Donald Trump or not. That’s not the point. I am not going to point accusing fingers at anyone or any country.

Now let’s take a look at a region. For the purpose of this article, I am going to refer to the region as “region A”. Let’s take a look at the following points:

1. Limited resources…overpopulation:

There are limited resources available in region A because…I’m sure we all know why! The population has exploded! This region A has bad roads, water logged roads, pot holes and ditches. In this same region the highways are limited. Hence there’s loads of traffic everyday. People have to wake up as early as 3am to make it to work by 9am in the name of beating the traffic’. Is this not insane? When will such people who practice this everyday all in the name of going to look for ‘daily bread’ not fall ill. Only the supreme being will not let this happen to such people. Life is indeed tough in region A!

2. High Rate of Unemployment:

The economy is bad. The economy is bad……this is what is being said by residents of Region A every now and then. Nothing is being done about the situation. So sad! There are no jobs. We see youths, able bodied men and women roaming around the streets or just sitting at home. People are tired of the whole situation. Some have applied to a million jobs and are yet to secure a job! Graduates with no jobs. This is horrendous!

3. Electricity:

Is there any point talking about electricity? The situation seems hopeless in Region A. In most areas of this same region there is no electricity. Some residents will tell you that they haven’t had electricity for months and some for years while for some others its one week of power and no power the following week. People now rely solely on generator and inverter in other to do basic things in their homes. Without electricity there’s no chance of having access to power. Can one think straight or clearly when there is no power? I’m sure we all know what the answer is….NO.

4. Education:

Education is expensive in Region A. Some parents can no longer afford to pay their children’s school fees. The amount some schools charge is alarming and there’s that stereotype that schools that charge so much are the best! I wonder if this is the case for schools that fall under this category. Parents sacrifice so much to send their kids to these schools. On the other hand, teachers who are ready to teach are not motivated because they are not paid well.

5. Technology:

Thanks to technology this same people are able to connect with their loved ones and family on their phones through social media.

What’s the way out for people living in Region A?

Creating jobs: in other to help parents so that they can cater for themselves and families. Furthermore, creating flexible jobs that will allow parents to work and take care of their kids. I understand that not all jobs are flexible but a percentage of jobs created should be flexible to allow parents spend time with their children.

Education: encouraging our kids to go to school and learn is key. Encouraging them and instilling discipline in our kids is key to becoming good citizens.

Political stability: do we vote during elections or do we just fold our hands and watch and then lament after a candidate is elected? Where there’s stable economy, there’ll definitely be little or no violence. There will also be a degree of transparency in the system.

Healthcare: free healthcare for all is not too much to ask for. Good hospitals with fully equipped instruments are necessities in any region or country.

Clean environment: there should be a well defined waste collection and disposal system in place for all areas. There is a lot of illegal dumping going on now simply because there’s no waste collection system in place.

Clean water: everyone should have access to clean water. At least for the sake of hygiene, we all need clean water for cooking, drinking, bathing and the list goes on…..

These are just my thoughts. Share your opinions with me. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Shit Hole or Not???”

  1. Thanks for throwing more light on this interesting topic. It is my prayer that the government of these countries work harder in transforming their countries to admirable levels. May God help us all.

  2. Dang, Region A sounds like that of a 3rd World Country.

    I agree with this article though. The necessities should be provided for everyone. No one should have to live with dirty water or poor education. These are things that anyone deserves to have. I’m with you on this one.

    Great article though. Makes you count your blessings sometimes.


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