12 Best Environmental Websites and Blogs

Welcome and Happy New Year! Today we are going to be looking at the best environmental websites and blogs! I know how daunting it might seem when you are trying to look up information on a particular topic or an area of interest on the internet and you are not just sure which website you should visit!

Well, if you are in the environmental space, whether you’re a student or a professional or you just simply want to live a greener life, here are great websites and blogs that will help you overcome challenges you may be facing today.

Best Environmental Websites and Blogs

1. Eco Canada

Image credit: Ecocanada

Eco Canada also known as Environmental Careers Organization Canada, is an online platform that can help you improve your career path especially in the environmental field. From certifications to webinars, environmental jobs, training and even funding programs; they have it all on their site. A lot of people I know, including myself have found excellent environmental jobs through this platform.

Eco Canada was established as part of Canada’s sector council initiative. Eco Canada also provides other resources including funding programs for employers and the wage-subsidy internship program.

Eco Canada is focused on addressing difficulties youth encounter when it comes to labor market entry and transitioning from school to work and they are big on promoting employment opportunities for skilled workers. If you are pursuing an environmental career and are fairly new to the industry, their websites explains how you can meet requirements by the industry. Visit Eco Canada here.


Image credit: Mert Guller, Unsplash

USEPA – United States Environmental Protection Agency is an independent agency of the federal government in the United States responsible for protecting human health and the environment.

The USEPA website is well laid out and packed with helpful environmental topics such as Air, Mold, Waste and Climate Change, and topics related to Covid 19. Visit USEPA here. Whether you are in the United States, Canada or wherever in the world, this site will still be beneficial for you if you are looking up topics in relation to the environment.

3. Climate Reality

Image credit: climaterealityproject.org

The Climate Reality Project is another awesome organization that made it to this awesome post about best environmental websites and blogs.

The Climate Reality Project founded by former US Vice President Al Gore is focused on educating the public about climate change and the need to solve the climate crisis now.

The great thing about the climate reality project is that they have training programs every year for anyone who is ready to do their bit to protect the environment.

This training program known as the Climate Reality Leadership Corps program, is led by Vice President Al Gore and a team of world renowned innovators, scientists and innovators. Past training have been held in-person in different cities including Johannesburg, Pittsburgh and Tokyo, but currently training programs are offered online for free and are designed to work with your schedule.

I attended the virtual training and I was blown away! I encourage you today to take the training as well, if you haven’t already. You’ll gain a deep understanding of what climate change is all about with insights into what’s happening in different parts of the world and practical solutions!

You’ll also start building your skills and network to raise awareness and educate people around you; plus you get to connect with other people who are taking creative action to solve problems and make a difference.

The Climate Reality Leadership Corps training program is for anyone and you don’t need any form of experience to attend! Are you a parent concerned about your children’s future? Maybe you just want to do your own bit or you are simply an activist looking to expand your skill set or maybe you’re a youth ready to take action to preserve the planet.

If you fall into any of these categories, then the Climate Reality Leadership Corps program is for you! Visit Climate Reality website here.

4. Treehugger

Image credit: treehugger.com

Treehugger is a great sustainability website for everyone including newbies. Tree hugger covers interesting topics in the areas of home and gardens, science, animals, homes, policy and much more! They give you loads of helpful tips on how to make Eco friendly choices. I’m sure you’ll find awesome Eco friendly articles there. Visit Treehugger here.

5. Earth 911

Image credit: earth911.com

This is also another amazing website that offers green living tips for individual and businesses. They educate individuals and businesses on green living. Their topics include Eco tech, Pollution, Home and Garden, Living and Business. They also have a recycling center guide, so if you have something you need to recycle and are not sure how to go about it, just visit their site here.


Image credit: gbes.com

GBES stands for Green Building Education Services. If you are looking to pass your LEED Exams, be it Green Associate, LEED AP or the Well AP, this is the site to visit for excellent materials. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and it is a green building rating system used worldwide.

GBES has loads of materials, courses, tutorials and questions that are well organized and easy to practice which will help you pass your LEED Exams. In fact, I can’t recommend this site enough. They help you auto report your CE hours too! Overall, it’s a great platform for renewing your LEED credentials and not only that, it is also a great site for continuous information on everything about LEED. Visit GBES here.

7. Going Zero Waste

Image credit: goingzerowaste.com

Going zero waste is an ecofriendly blog by Katherine Kellogg. If you want to start by taking simple steps to reduce waste, Katherine has tons of blog posts that will help you. Looking for zero waste recipes for house cleaning or beauty routine? You’ll find them on her blog.

Katherine also has a community to support you on your zero waste journey. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it really doesn’t matter, she’ll support you all the way. Visit Katherine’s site here.

8. Zero Waste Home

Image credit: zerowastehome.com

Zero waste home is a blog by Bea Johnson an environmental activist and motivational speaker. Bea has reduced the garbage her family generates annually to a pint! Incredible isn’t it? But it’s doable. Bea is also the author of Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste.

Known as mother of the zero waste lifestyle movement by CNN, Bea has inspired a global movement; she talks worldwide to people encouraging them to start taking steps to reduce their waste. You can visit her site here:

9. Huff post Environment

Image credit: huffpost.com/impact/green

If you are looking for the latest news on the environment, including special reports, Huff post Environment is a great website for that! Here, you can catch up on the latest videos, news and photos from literally anywhere on the planet! You can find stories about your favorite celebrities, politicians, academics and other well-known people around the world on Huff post.

If you are also looking for something not only related to the environment, then they’ve got you covered because they also have content on life, shopping and more. Visit them here.

10. Greenpeace

Image credit: greenpeacefund.org

Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organization that is big on protecting nature. They are always encouraging people to stand up and speak out for the environment.

Their areas of focus are over fishing, climate change, commercial whaling, deforestation and more. In other words, let’s just say they are big on protecting the environment for ourselves and future generations! The organization achieves their goalsĀ  by research, lobbying and taking action. Visit their site to see how you can take action now to protect our earth. Visit them here.

11. Ocean Conservancy

Image credit: oceanconservancy.org

Ocean Conservancy is a non-profit environmental group. Their website is all about protecting our oceans as the name implies. Ocean conservancy educates and empowers people to take immediate and protect the ocean from global challenge. A good example is single use plastic bottles that make their way into our oceans.

One thing I have noticed is that Google sees this site as an authoritative site – a site you can trust! The reason I say this is that anytime I’m looking for a topic related to plastics, pollution or any ocean related topic, their website always shows up on the first page of google and of course I link some of my articles to them to show viewers where I got my facts from; just like I did in this article. Visit them here.

12. Eco Watch

Image credit: ecowatch.com

Ecowatch is a top environmental news company, publishing stories on environmental issues and solutions every day in a timely manner for a healthier planet and life. They also repost articles from partner organizations. Their site covers a wide range of categories including oceans, energy, animals, climate change, health and so much more! Visit them here.

The Bottom Line

If you are just starting out, ensure you look at the best environmental websites and blogs in this post. The first step is to educate yourself on topics in the environmental field so you know what to do. Ensure you are getting the right information from trusted sources.

The path to leading a sustainable life, starts by taking a step at a time. Don’t rush! Start right where you are because it’s simply the best place to start! Start by taking small actions if you are just starting your journey to living green. For example, you may want to start by saying “no” to plastic bags at the grocery stores while making sure you always have a reusable bag with you.

Spread the word and let people around you know what you are doing. You never know, there could be that friend who needs a slight push just to get started. You can make a positive impact by taking action in your home, school and community. Your action can quickly evolve into the collective change we need.

Which one of the websites and blogs mentioned above will you check out today?

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