9 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Did you know? April 22nd is Earth day! How have you been taking care of mother earth? In some countries, events are usually planned throughout the week from April 16th to April 22nd to celebrate the earth – our home.

If you have been taking steps to protect our environment and everything in it, great!

If you have not started taking steps….now is the time to do so. Were there certain things you did last year for earth week and you would love to do even more this year?

Environmental Problems We Are Currently Experiencing…

We are all aware of the different environmental issues we face such as climate change, pollution, garbage problem, flooding, erosion, animals going extinct. At this same time, Environmentalists are working tirelessly to resolve these problems.

Now let’s join forces and combat these environmental problems in the following ways!

1.Partake in an earth day event

Different earth events are planned throughout the week. If you go to a library, council buildings or even schools you might be able to participate in their earth week activities.

Some organisations also love participating in earth week programs since this serves as an opportunity to remind their staff what they need to be doing to protect the environment and all these events usually have a theme for their earth week activities. These organisations give awards to encourage their staff to perhaps continue to reduce reuse and recycle more. Since this practice will also eventually result in cost savings on garbage for those organisations.

2. Educate yourself about Earth day

There are many environmental articles and forums online. These would serve as great resources for you. You can even do a quick google search for terms like planet, earth, pollution. Another great way of acquiring more knowledge about the environment would be to join an environmental group.

3. Educate others around you about earth day

These days almost everyone is knowledgeable about the earth as well as steps we need to take to make it safe for us and our future generations. So why not spread the word and encourage your neighbors and friends to do their own part. You can begin by asking them what they are doing to reduce the waste problem and if they know what items go in the recycling container.

4. Reduce Reuse Recycle (3Rs)

Make foods from locally grown vegetables and fruits and have some guests come dine with you. Let your guests help with food preparation and tell them the foods were locally produced.

Show your guests how you have been applying the 3Rs in your daily routine. A good example could be using cleaning clothes instead of paper towels in your kitchen.


5. Plant a tree

This earth day, consider planting a tree. Trees act as shades and are also great cooling systems. They help purify the air around us. Trees also improve the quality of lives of people that live around them. Certain neighborhoods have trees lined in a beautiful straight path along the curb which adds a touch of nature and beauty to those residential areas.

Did you know??…You can also choose to plant a tree in honor of someone  or give as a gift for birthdays and other celebrations. If this is something that interests you, please Click here 

6. Make crafts from items you already have.

Items we generate regularly like newspaper, cereal boxes, cans, paper towel rolls, clothes can be turned into anything we wish to do with them. Assemble those items and make crafts with kids. This is also a great way for family and friends to spend quality time together!

7. Donate items you no longer need

Instead of throwing items in the trash, donate them. You can take them to a thrift store. On another note, don’t underestimate the power of a garage sale. You can give it a try and you just might be surprised at how fast you were able to dispose of those items you’ve had in your storage for years! There are also organisations that would gladly take them from you. 

8. Do your cooking from scratch

You deserve to know what goes into your body because you are what you eat. Try to avoid those canned foods that come in loads of packaging whenever possible. Buy fresh locally grown foods.

The reason why I say this is because any other type of food that is not produced locally must have traveled several kilometers before making it to the store! Yes – that’s bad for the environment. Gas consumption and pollution emitted from those trucks are detrimental to the environment.

You also want to eat fresh foods; not fruits and vegetables that have been sitting in trucks for days, weeks or longer!  Therefore, buy foods at your farmers’ market or look for certain sections at the store that only carry foods grown locally. If you’re unsure ask.

9. Keep your surroundings clean

Source: pixabay

A clean environment is indeed a healthy one. Keeping the surroundings especially areas close to rivers, lakes and beaches free of litter will make our planet safe and free of diseases. Aquatic life has been greatly disturbed by plastics and other items that make it to the oceans. The only way to stop this nightmare is by doing our part.

In reality, every day is earth day and there are so many ways we can do our part to make the world a better place. The secret to achieving this is by taking one positive step at a time. Make a change here and another over there after all, Rome was not built in a day!

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