10 tips for hosting your birthday party the ‘eco friendly’ way.

Parties are exciting and fun but they can also be stressful and expensive to organize if care is not taken. When searching for fun places to have your birthday party, planning ahead is key; this way you get the chance to compare centers and you won’t end up spending too much.

When we are planning we should always consider the environment.

Tweet: We can’t change the world in a day. However, taking little steps everyday to make our earth a better planet is all we need.

Here are 9 party hosting tips that can help you save money and protect the environment:

1.Online invitations

To reduce paper waste, an effortless way to invite people to your party is by doing it electronically. You can send an email to friends and families you’re inviting or do a quick google search for ‘free online invitations’.

2.Reuse old paper

If you really must hand out invitation cards, then make use of paper you already have at home. Decorate cards by hand and if you must print, remember to print double sided. You can also benefit from walking or riding your bike in order to have the cards delivered to your guests. You save on gas and you also get to exercise. It doesn’t get any better than that!

3.Donate to charity


Have guests donate to a charity of your choice instead of gifts. In most cases, the gifts received may not be something you really want in the first place or it could be that you already have too much and just don’t want any gifts or it could be that you just want to do something nice for others who need it the most. Let your guests know in advance the name of the charity they need to send their donations.

4.Activity gifts


If your child already has too many toys, you can have a chat with your guests to see if places to visit or things to do could be of interest. If this is the case, you can ask your guests to donate activity gifts such as a play date, hiking, fun at the park.

5.Make your loot bag

If you are going to be giving loot bags to your guests, look around you to see if you have some sheets of paper or newspaper before heading to the store to buy loot bags. Plastic loot bags are not good for the environment so why buy them in the first place? Simply turn those sheets of paper into bags or just wrap the gifts just like you normally would.

Alternatively, fold over the sheets of paper to cover the items and hold them with a twine or a piece of cloth. Planning ahead is always good. Don’t leave this till the last minute!

The benefits…reuse paper lying around and you save money that you could have spent on buying loot bags.

6.Give your guests items that would last long

When filling your loot bags think about items that can be used for a long time. Instead of candy place useful items like books, pencils, crayon, chalk and notepads.

7.Reusable plates and cups

Get your own reusable plates and cups ready for the party. No need to buy those Styrofoam plates and cups that won’t even decompose for several years. They make us sick once they make their way into the environment. If you must use disposable plates try plates made from bamboo or better still try plates made from fallen leaves because they are biodegradable and break down within  months.They come in great designs and sizes.


If you’re going to decorate a room for your party, make your own decorations from old newspaper; after the party you can keep them and reuse them or just pass them on to someone else who needs them. An advertisement on Craig’s list or Kijiji or just talking to your friends is all you need to get them across to the next person.

9.Make your own drinks

Make your own fruit punch or lemonade and serve your guests. Alternatively, if you are going to serve juice to your guests ensure you buy a big bottle and then pour them in cups for your guests. Also fill a pitcher with water instead of buying bottled water.

10.Place recycling and waste bins in visible spots

A little bit of waste may still be generated at your party even after taking ‘eco steps’ so it is important to let your guests know where to put recyclables and non recyclables.

Eliminating plastic and minimizing the waste we generate when throwing parties are crucial elements we should keep at the back of our minds.

We can’t change the world in a day. However, taking little steps everyday to make our earth a better planet is all we need.

Are there any tips you would like to share? Please leave a comment. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “10 tips for hosting your birthday party the ‘eco friendly’ way.”

  1. Great information! I usually keep the gift wraps to reuse them. Nicely open it up and fold it to store. When I see some people tearing the gift wrap to open, I always feel it is a waste! Ask for donating to charity instead of receiving gifts is a great idea! That really is a circulation of love.

  2. Hello! I totally agree with you, parties are more than expensive. These tips though are very helpful and can save a lot of time, money, and the party. Gifts are great to give out, people really appreciate that! Thanks for sharing!

  3. There are some very useful tips here that I would never have thought of while throwingva birthday party.
    I particularly liked your loot bag idea as in most cases there is always sweets and candy that my children don’t always like….and what child doesn’t like crayons and books right?
    I have a birthday party for my 3 year old coming up soon and I will certainly be trying out some, if not all of these great ideas. Thanks

    • I’m glad you find these tips useful. When filling up loot bags let’s think of items that would last long not items that will end up in the garbage. Items that an be used again and again are always great! Happy birthday to your 3 year old and visit often for more tips! Thanks.


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