10 Road Trip Essentials for Summer

Step aside winter, time to make awesome trips to the beach, cottage, exciting day trips and fun family vacation!

Summer is only a few days away but it sure does feel like it has arrived!

I always like to plan my road trip at least 3 to 6 months ahead. This is because planning ahead gives me enough time to do a bit more research and to ensure everyone going on this trip is on the same page with dates, places to visit and activities we would be doing.

When embarking on a trip it is always a good idea to make a list of all the items you would need to take with you and things you need to do before you leave. Imagine being on your way to that awesome vacation spot and then having to turn back because you think you may have left your gas stove on or maybe you left your drivers’ license at home or you left your door ajar!

So, before looking at my list ensure you make note of all the things you need to do on paper and place it in a visible spot and lastly before you leave the house, check everything off.

This awesome list will come in handy when you head for the roads this summer.


We often overlook the type of backpack we carry when going on trips. Ensure your back straps are padded and wide. This will give you that comfort you need when carrying it. Stay away from back packs that have thin straps. When going on trips I like carrying backpack with lots of compartments meaning you are able to spread the weight. If you’re concerned about keeping your backpack secure you may have to look for a backpack with double zippers so that you can put a small padlock on it. Make sure you know where the keys are though!

Put essential items such as sunscreen, camera and snacks in your backpack.

2. Computer free time

You don’t want to be glued to the tablet or computer most of the time. Make it fun and entertain yourself by taking along coloring books and playing cards. Games like scavenger hunt can also be enjoyed by the family.

3. Blanket or any thick comfortable covering

Blanket can serve many purposes. It can be used indoor when sleeping or just relaxing and watching a movie or it can be used on a picnic ground and even at the beach when you just want to lay under the sun for a bit.

4. Chargers

We sometimes forget to take our chargers when going on trips due to the excitement and last minute packing. Take your chargers along and if you have external chargers take them with you as well. they’ll definitely come in handy.

5. Waze

Avoid the frustration of sitting in traffic with the free traffic navigation app Waze. You can download this app on your phone and also choose to share road reports with other drivers.

6. Comfortable shoes

When you’re out and about having a nice time, the last thing you want to worry about are your shoes. You want to be comfortable and not have to worry about hurting your feet so it is important to wear comfortable light weight shoes.


7. Reusable bags

Reusable bags come in handy. When going on  a trip, store drinks and snacks in reusable bags and keep them organized so that you can easily reach for any time you want. Ensure the bag has a flat bottom. You need a reusable bag that won’t move around in the trunk when driving. Also ensure the bag has side straps so you can lift it easily.

8. Reusable water bottles

You can help the planet and save money at the same time when you keep reusable bottles handy. Reusable bottles eliminate the need for bottled water. We reduce our waste and make our planet better and safer for us and future generations.

9. Food and Snacks

Depending on the distance you would be covering on this trip, its likely you would need lots of food and snacks. Great choices are fruits, home made food and nuts. Remember to take these with you to cut down on spending so much.

Once you’ve got everything in place, go ahead and enjoy!

That’s my ‘road trip essentials’ list here!  Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you.











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  1. Thank you, very useful articles, and I totally agree. Especially I tend to be more careless in preparing a lot of stuff to travel.

    Sometime I even forget to bring my charger and end up with no battery for my phone.

    Great help there.


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