Corelle Dinnerware Review – Durable and Stylish Plates, Bowls and Mugs

Product: Corelle Dinnerware

My ratings: 9.9 out of 10

Product Overview: Corelle Dinnerware – Cherish Embossed set

Corelle Dinnerware Review

If you’re wondering why Corelle dinnerware is so popular and why this line of dinnerware is highly rated this corelle dinnerware review will break it all down for you. Is Corelle Dinnerware Leadfree? Are you looking for dinnerware that would last for several years and not have negative effects on your health and environment? I have all the answers for you in this post.

I’ve had the same Corelle dinnerware (Cherish Embossed Design) in my home for about 4 years now and we use the plates and bowls daily, so I guess I know a thing or two about this wonderful dinnerware!

Corelle is one of the best rated dinnerware brands out there and they’ve been around for several years. The Corelle brand is home to great brands including Corelle, Corningware, Chicago cutlery, Pyrex and Snapware. So if you are a food lover, enjoy cooking and you also love entertaining, I’m sure you may even have one of these in your home or you may know someone who has it.

On the other hand, if you’re looking at replacing old dinnerware or just starting a family, ensure you have one of these great products in your home. The Corelle brand would also make great gifts for family and friends come Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Bithday gift! No matter what the occasion may be, the Corelle brand will not disappoint.

Corelle dinnerware sets come in great styles

Corelle dinnerware sets come in great styles so you can find one that suits your taste. The fun thing is that you can also mix and match them however you want!

The Corelle dinnerware is non-porous and I can guarantee that this dinnerware will give your table that sophisticated look. The plates, bowls and mugs are very easy to clean. You can buy them individually or as a set! A 16 piece set is good for a small to mid-sized family!

The Secret is Vitrelle, a type of glass

Corelle plates and bowls are made of Vitrelle which is glass made by binding layers of glass resulting into a lightweight material that will last long. The result is a material that’s resistant to chipping, breaking, cracking and even permanent staining! I would also like to mention that the mugs are made from porcelain.

Whether you want to set an attractive table for your lovely family or simply want to entertain guests, the Corelle dinnerware gives you that peace of mind because it is stylish and will add some form of elegance to your table.

The Corelle dinnerware also comes in various patterns! The Corelle dinnerware set is classy and is great for everyday use and also for formal dining.

Why I love my Corelle Dinnerware Set

I do love my Corelle Cherish Embossed set and here are the reasons why!

1. Durable

Corelle dinnerware is lightweight and durable. They stack well and don’t take up too much space. Use and care information accompanies the set.

Dinnerware is something you make use of morning, day and night and I honestly do not like carrying heavy plates especially when serving meals.

I remember an old set of plates we had a few years back. They were stylish, but too heavy to carry. I always looked forward to the day we would replace them with lighter plates. The heavy plates did not last very long, it didn’t take them long to break! We still have one plate left from the heavy set and we hardly even use it anymore. Thanks to Corelle! I love my Corelle plates and bowls. They are a huge change from the heavy dishes we had. They are simple and pretty at the same time.

2. Can be Purchased in Pieces or Sets

Now, Corelle has made life so simple by making it easy for people to buy their dinnerware. You can either buy a few pieces or a set. It really is up to you!

3. Peace of Mind

The Corelle plates will give you peace of mind. The designs are great for adults and kids. Rest assured your kids will be able to carry the plates and bowls with ease without you having to worry whether they will break.

A friend of ours visited with her kids a few months back and she almost didn’t want her kids to use our Corelle dishes because she was scared they would drop them and the plates would shatter. It was not until after explaining to her that my kids had dropped them a few times and the plates were still intact, that she was convinced! The good news is that my friend now has her own Corelle dishes too and she loves them as much as I do!

4. Microwave Safe

Although the dishes are light and also thin, the dishes are very strong. The Corelle dishes can be used in the microwave.

5. Scratch and Chip Resistant

Last summer we had friends over and one of the kids, accidentally dropped his bowl on the concrete. Everyone was amazed that the bowl did not break, scratch or chip! Even after so many uses, the surfaces of our Corelle dishes have not shown scratches or stains!

6. Stylish

We always receive compliments on our dishes from friends and family during social gatherings! The Corelle dishes look simple yet sophisticated at the same time.

7. Warranty

The manufacturer promises to replace any item of Corelle Vitrelle Dinnerware that breaks, cracks or chips within 3 years from the date you purchase it. Mugs are not included. Also, if they don’t have the exact item, they will replace with something comparable. Their warranties only apply to products damaged in your home.

Now before you contact Corelle for replacement, make sure you still have the original product because you may be asked to return it. For USA and Canada, contact WORLD KITCHEN LLC HELP CENTER at 1-800-999-3436 and they will be happy to help.

Where are Corelle Dinnerware Sets Manufactured?

Corelle plates and bowls are made in USA while the mugs are made in China.

Where to buy

Corelle dishes are available in stores like Walmart, Amazon and you can purchase from Corelle’s website!

Corelle Cherish Embossed set – The Dinnerware I Own and Cherish

I am a happy owner of the 16 piece Cherish Embossed dinnerware which comes in the shape of a square.

The Cherish Embossed set comes with 4 dinner plates, 4 lunch plates, 4 bowls and 4 mugs.

The Cherish Embossed 16-pc Square Set includes 4 each:

10-1/4″ Dinner Plates,

8-3/4″ Lunch Plates,

22-oz Soup/Cereal Bowls

11-1/2-oz. Porcelain Mugs

I can only say great things about this set. Now before buying this set years back, there were things I felt mattered to me.

First I did my research then I looked at the following factors – my budget, the weight of the plates – I knew I wanted light dinnerware with clean design; something that won’t go out of style, the appearance of the plates mattered to me and durability was also a huge factor.

By the time I considered these factors, I knew exactly what I wanted. The Cherish Embossed set! I knew this set would be perfect for my family! My Cherish Embossed set comes in White and it has made me realize that food sure looks elegant on white plates! I’m always happy anytime I bring out these plates.

It is important to wash dinnerware prior to use. I am just saying this because even the manufacture believes we need to do so, in order to remove the protective coating.

How to Use:

The Corelle dinnerware can be used for serving food and also for reheating food in the microwave. The Porcelain mugs are microwavable.

How to Care for your Corelle Dinnerware

You can wash by hand or in the dishwasher whichever one you prefer. I do both.

Ensure you load items safely and avoid them bumping against other item if washing in dishwasher.

Warnings from Manufacturer

The following notes are from the manufacturer and I would advise you to remember the following so your dinnerware can last long:

1.Stovetop: the dinnerware is not to be used on stove top, under a grill or broiler, in a toaster oven or on or even near a direct heating source like open flames or range heating vents.

2. Not suitable for Microwaving Popcorn: this dinnerware is not suitable for microwaving popcorn or to hold popcorn bags.

3. Do not heat when empty: the plate or bowl may become too hot to handle and may even crack or break!

4. Abuse is not cool: do not abuse by hitting it against a hard object or just dropping it for fun.

Is Corelle Dinnerware Leadfree?

As a mom, I strongly believe in doing my research before making a purchase. Most especially when it comes to dinnerware. Health is wealth they say and I strongly believe that whatever dinnerware or cookware we use at home has to be safe. You want to be sure that chemicals are not leaching into your food!

According to the manufacturer, Corelle dishes are made from clay based materials. They also stated that decorations on plates are low lead enamels fired at very high temperatures. These high temperatures bind the metals so that their release is minimized.

Corelle also stated on their site that there is a current limit of leachable lead that’s allowed and according to their tests, they have never exceeded those limits. Tests are also conducted by trained professionals to reduce any form of contamination.

Also, tests conducted by Tamara Rubin, the founder of Lead Safe America Foundation, revealed that the white Corelle plates are lead-free especially the new designs that are manufactured now!

This includes the Embossed patterns which I own and love! In my opinion, White plates are simple and classy at the same time. Tamara also explained further that the colorful Corelle plates, both old and new may contain lead.

In fact, she also stated on her site that the older colorful models were likely to have more Lead and/or Cadmium than the newer ones.


Corelle dishes are are of great quality which is why I put together this Corelle dinnerware review for you! No wonder they are so popular! You can get a few plates or just a complete set or two, depending on your needs.

I particularly love the Cherish Embossed set which we currently own. Another Corelle Embossed Pattern that looks really good is the Bella Faenza! Very similar to the Cherish Embossed ones. The main difference is that the Cherish Embossed are square shaped while the Bella Faenza are Circular.

The Corelle dinnerware will come in handy when you have large gatherings especially at Thanksgiving, Christmas time or even huge Potlucks. Just get a good number and you will save money because they last for years!

Now because these dishes last long, you can also use them when you have guests over so there’s no need to buy another set of dinnerware for guests.

I believe one should not skimp on quality dishes. Save yourself money and stress and enjoy your Corelle dishes! Quality dishes are great for the environment too. They last long and can even be passed from one generation to another. No waste is generated in the process.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions about the Corelle dinnerware or just want to leave a comment, please leave them below. I would love to hear from you.

Corelle Dinnerware Plates, bowls and mugs




Good for the Environment


Value for Money



  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Surface won't show scratches
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe


  • None

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    • Hi Flaki! I am glad you love Corelle dinnerware as much as I do. The fact that the White Corelle dishes are leadfree makes me love the brand even more! The plates are lightweight and strong at the sametime and yes they last for years!Thanks for leaving a comment.


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