Hape Workbench – Ecofriendly Toy for Kids (Review)

Hape Workbench

Product: Eco-Friendly Master Workbench

Where to Buy: Ultimate Green Store

Dimensions of Product: 21.6″ x 11″ x 31.7″

Age: 3+

My ratings: 9.9 out of 10

Eco-Friendly Hape Master Workbench, Product Overview

HaPe Toys Eco-Friendly Master Workbench

Welcome to my review about the Hape Workbench for kids. It is eco-friendly and also comes with great features!

In my last post, I reviewed the ecofriendly wooden rocking horse. In this post, we will be looking at the ecofriendly Hape Workbench for kids!

Of course, you would agree with me that there’s nothing better than a workbench that’s made of environmentally friendly materials! “Environmentally friendly” simply means that this product will cause no harm to our environment.

Just like an adult, kids can now have their own workbench and not just any work bench but an ecofriendly one made from sustainable materials! All parts of this workbench are designed for kids meaning they can be easily used and held by small hands!

Hape Workbench is the ultimate, realistic tool box for kids! It is indeed a good – looking workstation. Kids can build structures separately or simply attach pieces on this awesome station.

Kids can practice tool names and even describe the use of each tool! Boys and girls can build whatever they want with this awesome workbench. Now let’s dive right into the review of the Hape Master Workbench!

Hape Workbench Review

HaPe Toys Eco-Friendly Master Workbench

The Hape Workbench is the ultimate workbench for kids. It has a convenient work space. This workbench is made of high quality parts and is easy to put together. It’s unique in its own way because it is so beneficial for the development of children.

The Hape Master Workbench is also not gender specific which is great! So, there’s no need to worry whether you’re gifting it to a boy or girl!

The tool set comes with screws, bolts, gears, links, wrench, screwdriver, hammer, vice, saw and more building parts. What’s wonderful is that this durable workbench and tools are made from sustainable materials.

Simply put, this toy manufacturer, Hape, makes all their toys from wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forests.

Child safety is number 1, the Hape workbench is durable, has adjustable height suited for kids of different sizes and made of non-toxic paint finish. Hape toys are designed with creativity and are ecofriendly.

Hape regards child safety as the utmost priority this is why their toy workbench is durable, child safe with non-toxic paint finish, and has solid wood construction ensuring the longevity of the tool set for your kid to play for years to come.

These kids tool bench provides convenient storage space and a work surface for your kid helping the cleaning up process and reduces the chances of tools getting lost.

Here’s what you need to know about this Hape Workbench:

*Eco-friendly materials: the Hape Workbench is made from environmentally friendly wood. Yes! this workbench is made from wood that was sourced from environmentally sustainable forests.

*Comes with various tools: The workbench comes with tools, gears, bolts and other parts for fun building.

*Durable and safe design: All parts are well-designed for easy use by young children.

*Non toxic: Toy finishes are of the highest quality and colored with child-safe paint. They are non-toxic and safe for kids.

*Safe: Meets safety standards and lasts long.

*Aids child development: Great for every stage of your child’s development, this workbench will introduce kids to problem solving, critical thinking, matching and logic. It also promotes hand and eye coordination.

*Environmentally conscious Manufacturer: Hape employs environmentally friendly processes in their manufacturing. To reduce environmental impact, the Workbench manufacturer, Hape considered packaging options, energy consumption and surface treatment. Manufacturing of toys is done safely. It is not surprising that the manufacturer has won several awards!


Great for little builders, the Hape workbench is well-designed and made of wood that’s safe and environmentally friendly. Also, kids do not have to bend when playing with it since the height can be adjusted. If you want an ecofriendly toy that’s safe for your child, then I highly recommend you get your Hape Workbench here.

The accessories are made out of wood and are also made of high quality, natural materials. This toy is sure to aid your child’s development and will also last for years to come!

I hope you found this review helpful and if you have any questions about the Hape Workbench or want to leave your personal review leave a comment below.



Hape Master Workbench




Good for the Environment


Value for Money



  • Easy to Maintain
  • Durable and Ecofriendly
  • Helps child development


  • A little pricey

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