Wooden Rocking Horse Toy Review – Ecofriendly Toy that Promotes Natural Learning

Wooden Rocking Horse Toy

Product: Eco-Friendly Palomino Rocking Horse

Where to Buy: Ultimate Green Store

Dimensions of Product: 13.2″ x 28.35″ x 18.11″

Age: 2+

My ratings: 9.9 out of 10

Eco-Friendly Palomino Rocking Horse, Product Overview

Plan Toys Eco-Friendly Palomino Rocking Horse

Happy New Year and welcome to my post about this awesome Wooden Rocking Horse Toy called the Palomino Wooden Horse Toy. It’s eco-friendly and also comes with great features!

Although rocking horses have been around for a while now, there’s nothing better than a rocking horse that’s made of environmentally friendly wood!

In this post we will be reviewing the Palomino Wooden Rocking Horse. This rocking horse is not just a toy. It’s unique in its own way because it is so beneficial for the development of children. Rocking horses are also not gender specific which is great! So, there’s no need to worry about whether you’re gifting it to a boy or girl!

The Palomino wooden rocking horse is a wonderful educational toy that aids mobility and encourages exercise. They last long which means if your child outgrows it, you can pass it on to their sibling or even give it to a relative who needs it.

Rocking horses are a fun and educational toys that help children to improve their mobility and encourage exercise.
This Palomino Rocking Horse rocking horse will make a nice addition to a nursery!

Palomino Wooden Rocking Horse Review

Built on parallel rockers, this classic Palomino rocking horse is made out of rubberwood trees too old to produce latex! Cool isn’t it? This does our planet some good because trees are saved from being cut, burned and thrown away. This awesome beautiful looking Palomino wooden racing horse is built on sturdy, parallel rockers that makes it easy for kids to rock back and forth.

How to Play with the Palomino Wooden Rocking Horse

Plan Toys Eco-Friendly Palomino Rocking Horse

Swinging back and forth on this ecofriendly Palomino rocking horse aids child development. It develops their leg muscles, aids quick body movement and also develops their balance.

When your child is rocking back and forth on the Palomino horse, you can ask open end questions; this can help build solid relationship between you and your child and can also improve their communication skill.


*Ecofriendly ink

Water based and soy ink are used for making this Palomino wooden horse; meaning there are no harsh chemicals involved.

* Minimal Impact on the Environment

Plan toys ensure there’s minimal impact on the environment by using recycled materials in the manufacture of this ecofriendly wooden horse.

* Organic wood

Natural rubber wood obtained from rubber trees that do not produce latex any longer are used in the manufacture of this wooden toy Horse. In order to stabilize the wood, a chemical free kiln drying process is also used.

*Water Based Dye

Water based dyes which are non toxic and environmentally friendly are used to add beautiful colors to this wooden rocking horse toy.

*Non-Formaldehyde Glue

Non formaldehyde glue, a non toxic wood glue was used to assembly this toy; so unlike other toys that use traditional toxic wood glue; this brand ensures their toys are put together with environmentally friendly materials.


*Sturdy, Simple and safe for play
One great reason why this eco-friendly wooden horse is great for young kids is that it does not consist of small parts that can be easily swallowed or lost. They are sturdy, very easy to clean and safe for kids. Rocking horses require minimal assembly and also do not need batteries or remote control.

*Make your Child Happy with this Palomino Wooden Rocking Horse that will Last Long
This Palomino wooden rocking horse will never be outdated. Rocking horses have been used by several generations and are still relevant today.  They are great for children and can help them develop motor skills. Wooden rocking horse can also be soothing for special needs children.


Wooden rocking horse toy is the answer if you’re looking for a toy that’s durable and ecofriendly for your child. If you want an ecofriendly toy that’s safe for young kids, then I highly recommend you pick your Plan Toys Eco-Friendly Palomino Rocking Horse here .

This Palomino Wooden Rocking horse toy can also be handed down from your children to your grandchildren just like this ecofriendly workbench that’s made to last long.

One man’s waste is another man’s resource so please remember not to throw out any toy you no longer need. Instead, pass it on to someone else.

I hope you like this review and if you have any questions about the Palomino Wooden Rocking Horse or want to leave your personal review leave a comment below.


Plan Toys Eco-Friendly Palomino Rocking Horse




Good for the Environment


Value for Money



  • Durable
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Ecofriendly/Non toxic


  • Minimalistic design

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